When someone goes to a massage therapist for a massage:

  1. Minimal intake paperwork
  2. Client in charge of their own options
  3. Client pays at time of service
  4. No paperwork made after session
  5. No support given after session
  6. Minimal education level needed

When someone goes to a massage therapist for treatment from a car accident:

  1. Lengthy intake paperwork
  2. In depth consultation and assessment of injury
  3. Understanding and ability to follow closely the treating Doctor’s prescription
  4. Constant contact with referring physician’s office
  5. Treatment or “SOAP notes” made after every treatment session to include Subjective and Objective findings along with Assessment and Plan of action
  6. Billing is filed and sent to insurance company
  7. Continual contact with insurance company for reimbursement (3-4 month process)
  8. Support given to any legal services rendered
  9. In depth knowledge of human body in the recovery process
  10. Understanding of medical and insurance terminologies

Medically prescribed manual therapy: 15 min.– $45.00